Wellness Works Peterborough

Notice: Wellness works is no longer operating in the city of Peterborough. For alternative options, please visit http://www.peterboroughontario.com/health-and-beauty/ where you can find dentists, gyms, doctors and other health professionals in Peterborough, Ontario.

Wellness Works Professionals is a multidisciplinary health centre. We provide disability management and prevention services including comprehensive assessment, disability case management, injury prevention and occupational rehabilitation programs. Wellness Works Professionals is designated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario as a regional Medical/Rehabilitation and Residual Earning Capacity Designated Assessment Centre.

Our focus is to prevent and manage occupational disability. We help those who suffer from occupational disability achieve a state of wellness and return to healthy, productive lifestyles. We also work with workers and employers to prevent disability and improve the health of the workforce. Our professional expertise includes kinesiology, physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy, occupational health nursing, ergonomics and medical specialties.

Our 3600-square-foot facility is located in Peterborough, Ontario and is easily accessible from the major highways. Our facility has been designed to help make each client’s re-entry into the community as positive as possible. Flexible space has been created to realistically simulate each client’s traditional occupational setting. There is also dedicated space for individual assessment, consultation and client education and counselling.

We also provide community-based services to clients in east Central Ontario, including Clarington, Victoria, East Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough, Haliburton and Hastings counties.

Since opening in 1993 we have made it our business to deliver positive outcomes. Our programs are driven by evidence-based research and years of experience. Our success has been in helping injured workers make the first steps to getting back to work and helping employers keep workers healthy and on the job. First and foremost we have remained focused on helping our clients achieve their goals. This approach has caused us to be noticed not only in the medical and rehabilitation fields, but where it counts most— with our clients.